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2019 June – Professionalism and Graciousness

I couldn´t thank you all enough for the amazing vacation! Every detail, drink, preparation and service was outstanding. It will be a memory forever in my heart. We will love to sail with you again. Thank you for everything Cristiana

It is rare for events in lifetime to live up to expectations, and all of you far surpassed my expectations for this trip. You gave me an experience I will never forest and I cannot thank you enough for. Your blend of friendliness and professionalism is something I had never experienced but appreciated so much. Thank you so much for making my family and I feel so special and taken care of. I wish you nothing but the best, David

Hard to articulate how wonderful this experience has been for our family. Certain exceeded all expectations. Thank you for having us in your home and sharing the beauty that is the Caribbean. Truly appreciate your professionalism and graciousness – you made us feel a part of your family during this cruise, Thank you so much Scott &Cindy

Thank you for the best vacation I have ever been on, and thank you for all the extra vegan accommodations. All the food was way beyond what I could have imagined, you had to come up with 2 menus for every meal and I really appreciate the time and effort. Much Love, Ashley


2019 June – Repeating Guests are Like Family

Thank you again for another fabulous week on your boat.
We had so many fun family adventures this week – most importantly intentional family time and great memories. Once again, your boat and staff exceed expectations that no one else can live up too.

The sailing was excellent, the food was phenomenal, the drinks were fantastic, the boat is undoubtedly the most well kept boat in the area/Caribbean. Bob, Misty, Dru, Gavin and Avery


2019 June – The Amazing Shangri La

Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience! This past week has been amazing and we will all cherish these memories forever! I can´t believe how fast this week has went by, seems just like yesterday we were snorkeling or doing yoga for the 1st time. Everything we did the entire week was spectacular and I will certainly miss you all. I hope to sail again with you all very soon. We appreciate everything you did for us from activities, service, cocktails, meals and friendship! It´s not goodby but see you again soon.. Andrew

Our family can´t thank you enough for this adventure! We loved every minute we spent on your beautiful boat! Most importantly, we are grateful for this special time that we had together as a family as we celebrated Andrew´s graduation from university. As he enters now the “real world” we will always cherish this time – starting our days with yoga, breakfast together, hiking, scooters, snorkeling, tubing, golden goose and raftingtime! Each day and night was special. We will miss sweet Ursula taking care of our every need, Daniela´s amazing meals and Bernd´s fantastic cocktails! Hope to sail again with you in the future, Allen, Lisa, Andrew, Olivia and Dylan


2019 May – Our Dream Vacation

On behalf of our entire family, I cannot thank you enough for creating such wonderful experiences for us this week. Your combination of talent, skill, service and attention to detail are unmatched! I am thankful our paths crossed and I hope they intersect again in the future! – Keith

Thank you for the amazingly kind service and care. We could not have asked for a better team.! Thank you for welcoming us into your home and for teaching us about your culture. We felt like royalty! We are sad to leave our new friends – Mary Blonde

This was our last time together as a family (and our first with our favorite new addition Mary) before lots of changes, and we are so grateful that we spent this time with such kind, gracious people on such a beautiful boat. We hope forever keep the air of vacation and family time in our lungs! – Mary Brown

So  many special moments! You made us feel so special and catered to our every need. We knew this would be a special vacation but had no idea how amazing it would be! We hope to return to the Shangri La – Kristy

This was an incredible trip that we will always remember. The service was excellent, and we loved getting to know the 3 of you all. I particularly enjoyed the food, as it was fantastic. Thanks for a trip of a lifetime! – Reid

I was a little bit unsure before the trip about how fun this would be, but within the first hour I was loving it! So many amazing memories, and new friends that feel like family. We can´t thank yáll enough for this amazing week. – Benjamin


2019 May – Beautiful Boat and Crew with Perfection

We had smooth sailing during our trip on Shangri La! Captain and master DJ Bernd and Chef Daniela ran a great boat. Music, food, drinks, boat amenities and water sports were above par. Ursula was all smiles and eager to assist in our daily experiences. Hold on to your desk if you are selected to view Daniela teaching us how to waltz and dance the polka! Thank you for a memorable charter! Renee and Fritz

Thank you for the best vacation ever! So much fun while relaxing too! I loved every second of my time with yall!!! Wonderful food drinks and activities! Kelly

Thank you so much for a wonderful interlude between office and clients and my ordinary stress. The boat is great, the food better and the attentive service is the best. Looking forward to the next time, Marshall


2019 April – What a vacation

What a vacation! It was absolutely an amazing adventure! You invited us into your home so graciously; made us feel right at home! Everything was first class!

Mr. Captain Doctor Director Bernd – the kids enjoyed the football on the beach, beachparty, swimming, paddleboard races, etc. Every one of them was a highlight!
Miss Daniella – Wow! You amazed all of us with your culinary skills! Every meal got better, we didn´1 think that was possible! You have changed food for the kids forever! Thank you. Loved your quick wit with the teens!
Miss Ursula – thank you for all the details in your service and taking care of us!

We want to say a special thank you for the fantastic night you put on for our seniors celebration! That was awesome and so special.

Thank you for your hospitality and all the little things. We look forward to doing this again!
Rod, Megan, Alexa, Reece, Joel, Steele, Macey, Emmelie


2019 April – Spring Break

We loved the Shangri la. Several standout features:

  1. Professional crew catering to every need/desire
  2. The food off the chart. And a lot of it.
  3. The boat is spotless.
  4. Bernd and Daniella very passionate about the boat and experience of guest.
  5. Kids loved the water sports.  Especially the new sport of subwinging.
  6. WiFi works great.
  7. Bernd did awesome job of using his camera and also drone to shoot photos and videos.  And he loaded on USB drive.
  8. The layout of the boat is perfect. Very comfortable.

Thanks for recommending. Will recommend Shangri la to friends/family.


2019 March – Endless Fun

Bernd, Daniela, Ursula

We cannot thank you enough for an amazing week. Your boat is beautiful, your cooking and sailing skills are first rate. We truly loved every day and are blessed that we were able to spend it with you. So many great memories..karaoke, games, relaxing, and the wedding!! Just awesome!

Great hospitality, knowledge and the islands.. so many laughs..
This was our 8th charter, and by far the best we have ever had. We can’t say enough about the crew, the boat, the food, and everything else. The boat was immaculate, the food was superb, the hospitality was phenomenal. We loved everything about it and hope to do another trip on Shangri La in the future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you..
Our heartfelt gratitude
Gary, Peggy, Jenifer, Trayce and Chris


2019 March – A great family trip

Dear Daniela, Bernd and Ursula,
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip.
Having grown up gang on charters, this was by far the best ever.
The food was amazing, thanks to chef Dani
and the drinks were terrific too, and very plentiful.
From the Baths to Caneel Bay, to Norman Island, to Cruiz Bay, to all over the BVI.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joe learned to snorkel, Mia was freediving and loved the tube,
Colby and Andy loved swimming, snorkeling and the raft,
Robin loved it all including the food and drinks.
The lobster was amazing and deserts were sublime!
Can´t wait to come back to the Shangri La

XoXo Robin, Mia, Andy, Colby, Joe

– Shangri La –